We deliver intuitive and dynamic online portals that enable companies to streamline their operations and provide customers with exceptional user experiences.

All of our portals provide users with a sophisticated interface that is easy to navigate and can be adapted to specific requirements. From multi-user logins for over 8,000 unique members to messaging capabilities, Elmhurst Digital has the expertise to meet your needs.  

Benefits of online portals

Online portals allow companies to streamline and consolidate their operational activities to provide clients with a distinct branded experience. This is particularly beneficial for administrative purposes and removes the need of relying on generic third party software.

Other benefits include:

  • Sophisticated infrastructure that can support thousands of unique logins
  • Secure log in features
  • Increased and easier communications between your organisation and users
  • Increased engagement with clients and staff
  • Online access to important documents and resources
  • Ability to securely store and access sensitive information
  • Increased interaction and collaboration between users

How we can help

Elmhurst Digital has developed online portals for organisations with large membership bases, and has been instrumental in their successful maintenance and integration with existing systems.

By talking with you and understanding the nature of your organisation, we will work with you to create an online portal that supports your organisation’s goals and functions.

Get your own online portal

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