Efficiently manage your membership with Elmhurst Digital

Setting up a scheme enables companies to take ownership of their service provision to aid in its structured delivery. These branded experiences differentiate companies from their competitors and provide a framework in which to set up marketing promotions and foster positive relationships with clients.

Elmhurst Digital has been involved in successfully setting up over a dozen accreditation schemes. All of these involved access to online portals, loyalty schemes and setting up management systems, which required advanced technical expertise and an understanding of the customer journey.

Benefits of schemes

Schemes are a crucial piece in the customer experience and have been proven to increase engagement.

Some benefits include:

  • A framework for tiered membership options and promotions
  • Increased engagement with customers
  • A structured customer journey
  • A point of differentiation between competitors

Next steps

If you would like to set up your own scheme and explore how it can help your organisation, get in contact using the form to the right.

Please see our Recent Innovations for examples of how we have helped clients.