Quickly and efficiently capture the data your business needs for success

Modern business is driven by quality data, which makes its accurate capture and processing all the more important. Elmhurst Digital produces a range of bespoke and off the shelf data capture software that cater for every budget and lend themselves to easy implementation.

From simple mobile surveying apps to complex data entry screens, we pride ourselves in ensuring our data capture tools will meet your demands.

What we can do:

Our team will first gain an understanding of your business’ processes in order to create software solutions that integrate with your existing systems. We will then work with you from design to implementation, and future maintenance, to ensure that your data capture software continues to reflect your business objectives.

  • The upload pictures and large files
  • Intuitive data inputs and prompts
  • Offline data capture
  • Integration with existing software
  • Accurate data calculations

Data capture can vary in complexity, and we are very experienced in creating both stand alone products and mobile software that integrates with other programmes.

Our most recent data capture device ‘RdSAP GO’, the mobile version of desktop software RdSAP, allows assessors to take photos and input information whilst onsite and without any internet connection. The software is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be uploaded to a secure online portal for further analysis.

Getting your own data capture software

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