Taking it to the next level – when data needs to be processed

Elmhurst Digital develops complex calculators that work in the background while delivering high quality front-end user experiences. These calculators can be optimised to work with different inputs and methodologies to produce highly calibrated results.

Benefits of having your own calculator

A bespoke calculator will ensure that you receive precise results instead of using a ‘run of the mill’ methodology. This means you will also be able to choose your own inputs and won’t be limited to predetermined variables, making your data more reliable and proving to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

  • Reliable data
  • Specific data inputs
  • Ongoing software support
  • Data capture
  • More efficient

Past Examples

Elmhurst Digital have produced a long line of methodology-based calculators, even integrating with other third party software applications.

We have particular expertise in creating calculators for the energy efficiency industry, providing energy assessors with software capable to calculate energy ratings from a variety of inputs. Our most recent software release was RdSAP GO integration with third party floorplan software PlanUp; the app calculated the energy efficiency rating of existing dwellings and allowed for offline data capture, data prompts, instant calculations and had an easy-to-use interface.

Get your own bespoke calculator

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Please see our Recent Innovations for examples of how we have helped clients.