At the forefront of UK building and energy rating industry for over 20 years

Elmhurst Digital is a division of Elmhurst Energy guided by its ethos of excellence in customer service. We have a history of over 20 years of providing high quality, professional, personal and flexible solutions for our valued clients, helping them keep ahead of their competitors.

Elmhurst Energy has been at the forefront of the UK building energy rating industry for over 20 years and developed some of the first energy survey software systems, many of which went on to become the national standards used today. Our expertise in this field is second to none. Today Elmhurst remains one of the largest building energy rating companies providing specialist, training, qualifications and certification / accreditation services. Significantly Elmhurst remains the only major energy rating provider to still be fully independent of links to other commercial interests such as product suppliers and installers or potential green deal providers.
Elmhurst Energy have always considered themselves as a supportive partner of the wider Industry and as such has ‘connected’ to many different Organisations over the years. This has been in partnership to allow mutually beneficial solutions to work. Through our openness and willingness to create innovative and practical solutions we are frequently asked to help both private organisations and Government Departments.